San Francisco, Ca: Greek Consulate Attacked

reposted from anarchist news

On the evening of March 8th we attacked the Greek Consulate General on Gough Street in the city of San Francisco. We painted the phrase ‘LONG LIVE ANARCHY’ on the street-facing garage doors and cracked the front windows with rocks. The windows were heavily reinforced, owing no doubt to the paranoia and fear the Greek state feels in every direction and in every country.

With this action we send our greeting and encouragment to our comrades in Greece. We also want to encourage more focused attacks in the USA against specific targets.

To all of the fighter in all of the Greek cities, never stop, we will always be with you, however far away. We are all together, however minimal our actions. Keep struggling, never forget your comrades are everywhere. Good luck to everyone in the coming months and strength to the comrades locked up in prison.

-The Malaka Brigade

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