Modesto, CA: Landlord’s office attacked in solidarity with Oakland rebels

Modesto, CA: Landlord’s office attacked in solidarity with Oakland rebels

Posted on February 2, 2012 by Gabriella Segata Antolini

from anews:

Rocks took out the windows of a Modesto Property Management company and landlord’s office. This attack was carried out in solidarity with anyone who is facing a pending eviction or foreclosure. We also acted in solidarity with our comrades in Oakland, California who have faced massive repression at the hands of the Leftist City government and the local police department in actions coordinated in part by the Department of Homeland Security.

We see the struggle against those that exploit and those that serve the interests of the exploiters to be one in the same. Our hearts beat for all our comrades who have been, or who still are imprisoned within the Santa Rita jail and who have faced repression at the end of OPD’s guns and sticks.

It should give you joy to know that the landlord targeted low-income families with rentals that were infested with black mold and we encourage all of those outside of Oakland inspired by the continuous fighting in the streets and the occupation to act in solidarity as well. This tear in normalcy hopefully will give those who owned the broken property just a taste of the insecurity and horror that happens to those they evict and leech from.

Despite the power of the surveillance state and the level of counter-insurgency of the pigs – we are still ungovernable.

As the state seeks to crush the revolutionary pockets of revolt, the periphery expands with sabotage.

We remain unafraid and ready to attack.

Oakland rebels we are with you.


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